Your Journey Begins Here.

MTPD Application Process

8 Step Journey

STEP 1: Apply Online

To begin the process, you must first apply here. Please provide a working email address. Check it frequently. Future documentation will be sent to the email address indicated.

Step 2: Physical Fitness Assessment

Once your application is submitted and deemed eligible, you will be emailed the MTPD Medical Waiver. It is MANDATORY that you bring the Medical Waiver with you to the assessment. You must have a physician complete, sign and stamp the waiver authorizing your ability to perform the assessment to participate.

Step 3: Completion of the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)

Upon successful completion of the physical fitness and agility test, the PHQ booklet will be provided to you. Further instructions regarding completing and submitting the booklet will be given to you by the Background Investigator assigned to you.

Step 4: Oral Interview

Upon receipt and thorough review of your PHQ, you will be scheduled for an oral interview. Be prepared to be interviewed by various ranked members of the MTPD. Upon successful completion, you will be scheduled for the Truth Verification Test.

Step 5: Submit Background Check Information

The Background Investigator assigned to you will be in constant contact with you during this step. The investigator will: verify your education, driving, credit and work history; conduct various records checks; and contact all of your listed references.

Step 6: Truth Verification Test

You will receive an explanation of the Truth Verification Test procedures by your Background Investigator prior to them administering the test. You can expect the test to last approximately four hours. The MTPD intends to select applicants of high moral character and integrity. Your Background Investigator will ask you a series of questions. Respond truthfully.

Step 7: Psychological Evaluation & Medical Examination

An assessment of your ability to carry out the duties of a law enforcement officer will be conducted by a trained Psychologist. The medical examination evaluates your ability to safely perform the duties of a police officer. You MUST pass this examination to receive your final offer of employment.

Step 8: Welcome to the MTPD!

Congratulations! The first leg of your journey is complete. Now you are about to embark on what may be the most intense, rigorous training of your life. Embrace it! Work hard! This training will equip you with the tools you will need to provide protection and safety to the community we serve: Metro patrons, employees, transit facilities and revenue..

Academy/Field Training

It is the objective of the MTPD to provide the best training possible to Metro Transit Police Recruit Officers. To that effect, as a recruit officer, you will receive a combined 1100+ hours of training, which meets or exceed the mandated police training standard for certification required by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission (MPCTC) and the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). You will also receive extensive training in the District of Columbia’s Criminal Code, Municipal Regulations and Metrorail/Metrobus Standard Operating Procedures.

Recognizing today’s learner, the Metro Transit Police Academy offers different methods of instruction, from classroom lectures, force-on-force training, reality-based practical scenarios and patrol district/system familiarization days.

After completing all three phases of academy training (VA, MD, DC), you will receive an additional ten (10) weeks of field training with various experienced Metro Transit Police Officers prior to being assigned your permanent patrol assignment.

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